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Participation is open to every fulldome films producers.

The show shall fulfil the following terms:

  • The film has to be presented in its entirety.
  • If there are several durations, only one is allowed to participate.
  • The film will ideally be shown in French language. However if a French version is not available, the film
    can be presented in English with French subtitles.
  • The film has to be presented in full dome 360°. « IMAX » or « Giant Transfer » are not allowed.
  • The running time has to be between 15 minutes and 45 minutes maximum.
  • Are only accepted films released from January, 1st 2019
  • Resolution is spread from 4K (4096 x 4096 pixels) to 8K (8192 x 8192 pixels)
  • Audio will be at least stereo, in WAV. 44100Hz and synchronised with the images. Broadcasting will be
    with surround sound system.
  • Films can be presented in 2D.

Two broadcasts will be made during the FullDome festival:

  • The first open to the general public (i.e. September 15 and 16), these sessions will be broadcast
    simultaneously on the sites of the Astro Center and La Coupole in St Omer.
  • The second reserved for professionals in the world of planetariums and during the symposium of St-Michel
    l'Observatoire (ie from September 20 to 23).

The video files will be sent into dome master format (jpg or png) or in mp4 (codec H265) Frame rate has to be
between 24 fps and 60 fps. At the end of the event, any element will be saved.

Two prizes will be awarded: Public prize and Professional prize. The announcement of winners will take place on
23 September. (Evening)

Registrations will be closed on 15th July. Deposit of the elements are accepted on 1st September at the latest,
sooner the better.

The number of slots are limited, the structure reserve the right to select among all the films for participation. In this
case, priority will be given to films presented in French and accessible to a large audience.

Registration fees are of €25 by selected films, to pay with the registration (by bank transfer). The fees will be refund
if the film is not broadcast.

Taking part of the festival leads to the full agreement of all the terms mentioned above. The one who registered the
film is supposed to have all the required authorisations and rights for its broadcasting.